Guides for Session Chairs

Thank you again for taking on the role of Session Chair. At the meeting, the Session Chair’s role is to coordinate the smooth running of the session. Please begin and end the session on time. Each session lasts 90 minutes, with the time per presentation determined by the number of papers in the session. Equal time should be given to each paper. Introduce presentations that are made in the order listed in the printed program. If a speaker cancels or does not show up, the original time schedule should be adhered to rather sliding every talk forward.

As a session chair, please check the online program before you leave for Bangkok for possible updates. When you pick up your registration packet in Bangkok, please check the printed program and addendum for possible last-minute changes in your session.

Guides for Presenting Authors

Thank you again for your participation and contribution to the conference. We have tried our best to honor scheduling requests, but this has not been possible in every case. The Committee Board has already reviewed and approved the schedule. At this point, no changes can be made to the schedule since attendees make their travel plans and hotel reservations based on the information they find online.

Please note that a notebook is equipped with an LCD projector for every session room. Each speaker must bring his/her own USB memory stick for transferring the file(s) to the notebook. No overhead projectors will be provided.

Please arrive at your session early so that you have time to test the connection to the projector and know the session chair and colleagues going to present at this session.