The 2008 International Joint conference on e-Commerce,
     e-Administration, e-Society, and e-Education

e-CASE 2008


Time Table

March 27, 2008 (Thursday)

  • 17:00-18:30 Reception (Pre-Conference Registration)


March 28, 2008

March 29, 2008



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Paper Title


Yuka Kawasaki
Haruhisa Yamaguchi
Yumi Yamaguchi

Educational Effectiveness of On-line Materials

Maslin Masrom
Othman Zainon
Rosdina Rahiman

Critical Success in E-learning: An Examination of Technological and Institutional Support Factors

Ying-Ya Wen
Shiow-Luan Wang
Gavin Thomson

Student Behaviors and Backgrounds in E-Learning: A Case Analysis of E-Campus Coursework

Douglas Ronald McPherson

The Integration of Computer-Mediated Writing into a Developmental Writing Program: Lessons and Limitations

Kanwaljeet Singh Kang

Taking Ict to the Classroom - An Indian Perspective

Monette Crisostomo David

Computer Teaching Methods: Effect on Students' Achievement and Attitude


R. Koul
Sak Kongsuwan
Alisa Songsriwittaya

Epistemological considerations in Curricular Design

Yuka Kawasaki
Haruhisa Yamaguchi
Yumi Yamaguchi

A Model for Teaching Language

Ying-Ya Wen
Shiow-Luan Wang
Gavin Thomson

Enhancing Cultural Literacy through E-Learning: A Case Study in TVES of Taiwan

Erina Gyoba
Taira Nakajima

Effects of a Reflection System on Learning Performance and Memory Retention of Students

Liang-Yi Li
Gwo-Dong Chen

Constructing a Community of Practice for Students to Learn Programming

Min-yih Christine Feng

Assessing the Effects of E-Learning Adoption on College Students: An NCUT Case Study


Mohammad Allahbakhsh
Hamid Reza Motahari Nezhad

RPM for Integrating E-Learning Systems Using Web Services

Jon-Chao Hong
Chi-Han Aye
Hui-Chin Huang

Promoting Educational Games in Elementary Schools

Sea-Shuan Luo

Building a Network Based Laboratory Environment

Iseline Gandaho

Blended learning: An example of how to integrate its approaches for teaching at university

Tsai-Hsiu Chen

Analyzing Education Resources Focus on Bibliothecal Collections of Private Universities with Six Sigma

Yehudit Od-Cohen
Orit Haller-Hayon

To share or not to share: The preconditions for creating partnerships between the industry and academia in Israel


Milly Perry

"Elephants' Training" Knowledge Management as a Mechanism for Universities' Technological Change Management

Shieh Chin Sung

A Research on Selecting Willingness and Learning Satisfaction in Physical Education Course

Alex Chen-Man Pan

Evaluation of Chinese E-Learning Websites

Sivaporn Wangpipatwong

Student Perception of E-Learning: An Investigation

Mehdi Asgarkhani

The Strategic Role and Effectiveness of eTechnologies in Pervasive Learning

Carol Geraldine Cid Pablo

The Thematic Approach to Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence Through A Web-Enhanced Course


Kong Ching Ching Noreen
Seow Voon Yee

Factors That Contribute to the Success of Simulation in Education: A Case Study in Malaysia

Albert Chang-hwa Wang
Tina Chen-Ping Chen

An Interactive E-learning Project for Introducing Needle Painting -an Innovation of Traditional Oriental Embroidery

Jui-Yen Yen
Shu-Chih Chen

Perspectives from the TRAM Model on Adopting E-Learning: An Analysis of the Chain and Franchise Industry in Taiwan

Tracy Kwei-Liang Ho
Jon-Chao Hong
Kuang-Chao Yu

The Exploration of Focusing on "Topic Related" Strategy in Promoting Student Creativity

Tom Cary
Susan Mundy

Making Education Partnerships Better and More Affordable Through e-Education: An Examination of the Hybrid Delivery of Business Programs to Partner Institutions in Asia


Panana Tangwannawit
Monchai Taintong

A Synthesis of Computerized Classroom Participatory Action Research (CCPAR) Model

Andrzej Dziech
Tomasz Orzechowski

The Agent-Based Search System

Pei-Jen Chen

Authentic learning in the digital era - Cases in the primary and secondary schooling

Shu-Hung Huang
Meng-Fang Chien
Yu-jan Huang

A study on an Elementary School English Teacher's Oral Correction


Ahmad I. Z. Abidin
Jamie Tan
Ainol R Shazi
Khairul S Kalid

Applying Data Analysis in Performance Management for Students in the Development of Intelligent Results Tracking System

Shin Guang-Chen
Yi-Kuei Lin

An Evaluation Method For Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Based on The Results of User Training Test

Hsi-Chi Hsiao
Hsin-Nan Chung
Yi-Chun Chen

The Relationship of Knowledge Management and Teachers' Professional Growth in Elementary Schools

Samdrup Rigyal
Andrew Walker

Asia-Link Project Model of Supporting ICT-based Learning: the Case of the College of Natural Resources in Bhutan


Hsin Hsin Chang
Ying Hsiou Chen

Implementation of Relationship Quality for CRM Performance: Acquisition of BPR and Organisational Learning

Nittaya Jariangprasert
Patchara Tantiprapa
Kemakorn Chaiprasit
Khongphu Nimanandh

The Readiness and Needs for E-Commerce of SMEs in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand

Chao-Tsung Fangtsou
Ti-Chiang Yang

About Body Movement Factors by Using K-Means Algorithm

Chao-Tsong Fangtsou
Tsung-Han Li

Body Movement Acquisition and Construct Data Exchange Protocol: Based on Body Movement Quality Analysis

Madad Ali Shah
Faiz Muhammad Shaikh
Mahmood Hussain Shah

Mobile Phone Industry: A Growth Model for an E-Business Firm

Le-Pond Chin
Yen-Chih Liu

The Study of Web 3.0 and Its Business Model


Rosnafisah Sulaiman
Siti Salbiah Mohamed Shariff
Mohd Sharifuddin Ahmad

The Impact of e-Business Strategy on Home-Based Businesses in Malaysia: A Qualitative Study

Chun-Hsiung Liao
Chun-Wang Tsou
Yi-Chung Shu

The Roles of Perceived Enjoyment and Price Perceptions in Determining Acceptance of Multimedia-on-Demand

Louis Ma
Probir Kumar Banerjee
Jean Lai
Ronnie Shroff

Diffusion of the 'octopus' Smart Card E-payment System:

Chih-Chien Wang
Wei Hsiung

Applying an Extended Theory of Planned Behavior to Explain Intention to Participate in Online Relationship Activities

Md Mahbubur Rahim
Sherah Kurnia
Xiaolin Chen


Chih-Chien Wang
Ya-Ting Chang

The influence of personality and motivations on self-disclosure in online relationships


Maryke Silalahi Nuth

Borderless e-Commerce Contracting: An International Perspective

Sangeeta Sahney

Critical Success Factors In Online Retail- An Application of Quality Function Deployment and Interpretive Structural Modeling"

Yi-Ting Chen
Kuang-Hui Chiu

Effects of Brand Image and Word-of-Mouth on Consumer's Buying Intent-Mobile Phone as an example

Bruce W.N. Lo
Faye J. Kao

Variation in Country-based Lists among Consumer's Choices of Top Ranking E-Commerce Websites


Adoption of E-Commerce Applications by Manufacturing SMEs in Malaysia : An Empirical Investigation

Li-Lung Cheng
Ya-Fen Chang
Kuang-Hui Chiu

Effects of Sales Personality on Sales Performance under Executives’ Different Leadership Style-Office Automatic machine industry

Shanyan Huang
Yichun Kuo
Chiayen Wu

The Web Integrated Prototype Architecture Linking with Intranet and Internet Resources: An Application for Knowledge Management Platform and Accounting System


Chun-Chi Lin
Chyun-Chyi Chen
Yuan-Ming Ho

The Practical Study of Taiwan Consumer's Behavior in E-Commerce

Tsung-teng Chen
Kung-ming Kao

Information Visualization: The Exploration of Citation Networks

Tsung-teng Chen
Osen Liu

Automated gathering and integrating literature information: A multi-agents interacting with search engines

Ali Reza Ghanadan
sarah sadat tahami

A Model for portal websites Ranking with focus on both technological and content aspects

Chao-Hui Yeh

An Intelligent Property Model of Information and Knowledge Management Systems, Administrative Procedures in Banks

Abdalla Bader Hamed
Pat Cleary
Hillary Berger

e-Commerce as a Tool for Economic Development


Song-Kyoo Kim

First exceed level theory application for networked server management with Controlled Remote Backups

Andreas Auinger
Dietmar Nedbal

Towards a Guidance Model for Business Integration Solutions

Chian-Son Yu

Modeling online banking adoption and adoption continuance by integrating three theories

Show-Hui Sheree Huang
Wen-Kai Kevin Hsu

Shippers Behaviors to Use Electronic Commerce of Ocean Freight Forwarders

Banatus Soiraya
Anirach Mingkhwan
Choochart Haruechaiyasak

E-Commerce Web-Site Trust Assessment Based on Text Analysis

James Yen Hsi Lo
Chen-Yin Lin

A Case Study on Marketing and Brand Strategies in China-Take a Taiwanese Enterprise as an Example


N.Ch.S.N. Iyengar
A. Kannammal

A Framework for Mobile Agent Security in Distributed Agent Based E-Business Systems

Dotun A Adebanjo

Understanding the challenges of E-cluster development

Kanlaya Vanichbuncha
Pimmanee Rattanawicha

Evaluation of Information Technology Usage in Small and Medium Enterprises in the Gem & Jewelry Industry

Yih-Yuh Lee
Yeg-Min Chang

The study of win-win strategy for the publishing industry in Taiwan

Mika Pasanen

E-Business and Firm Performance: the Impact of Strategic Choices


Monireh Hosseini
Amir Albadvi

A Value Network Approach to Customer Lifetime Value: How VNA Contribute to Improve the CLV

Norashidah Hashim
NorAishah Buang
Norasmah Othman

Conceptualizing Entrepreneurial Readiness for Malaysian Higher Learning Institution

Fan Wu
Wei-Yang Tang

A Non-Blocking Commitment Protocol in Web Services Transactions

Chen Ching Hao
Lin Ming chun
Chen Chaio Ju
Chi Tsung Li

Research on Capital Allocation and Profitability for Life Insurance Companies

Fan Wu
Jen-Nan Yu

An Adaptive Approach for Model Selection with High Stability

Chen Yu Ming
Yang Hui Mei
Wang Chin Bin
Lin Yu Hung

Ontology by 5W1H Union use on Webmining


S.Sudalaimuthu Shanmugam Raja
Abnukarasi Sadasivam M

E-Commerce Applications and Internet Diffusion in India and China - A Comparison

Fan Wu
Wen-Chih Yan

A hierarchical content search engine based on unstructured P2P topology

Chien-Long Hsu
Cheng-Chiang Chen

The Study of the International Marketing Strategy of the Interactive Toy Industry

Ta-Wei Hung
Jia-Jie Zheng
Wei-Yuan Wang

A Data Mining Study for the Female Credit Card Design

Chien-Long Hsu
Ruey-Shang Wu

The study on information transmissions and their efficiency of daily transactions of foreign exchange market in Taiwan


Sakchai Tangwannawit
Nidapan Sureerattanan
Monchai Taintong

An Analysis Of Multiple Intelligences and Using Online Tools

Shwu-Meei Chen

The Study of Integrating E-portfolios into Preservice Teachers' Learning in Taiwan

Sucharee Sanghan
Chutiporn Anutariya

An Ontology and Semantic Web Service Approach to Adaptive E-Learning Service Planning

Li-Ming Tai

Web-based Early-Years Parenting Program in Taiwan

Haruko Miyakoda
Maiko Matsumoto
Kei-ichi Kaneko
Masatoshi Ishikawa
Kazunori Hasegawa

Online Multilingual Vocabulary System and its Application in L2 Learning

Chun-Yi Wu
Shu-Ling Wang

An Adaptive LMS Model for U-learning Environment


Pupong Pongcharoen
Weena Promtet

Automated Course Timetabling Tool for Educational Institutes

Chien-Hang Sun
Pei-Chen Sun

A Design of Dance Learning System Using Human Posture Recognition Technology

Chin Yu Chen

e-mobile English Learning: A Snapshot of ICT Applying in an English Learning Club in NTUST

Chwen-Fu Horng
Gwo-Jiun Horng
Chung-Shan Sun

Heterogeneous Wireless Networks Combined with RFID and Face Recognition for Technical and Vocational Education and Training

Koun-Tem Sun
Hsin-Te Chan
Chiung-Hui Huang

The investigation of preference of householders for teacher’s peculiarities by using the perceptual map

Chusak Prescott

An Application of mLearning for Teaching and Learning Technology of Printed Media Production at Walailak University


Chuen Chuan Huang
Chuen-Der Huang
Shin Ya Huang

E-Commerce with the Information Stations

Udo Richard Averweg

Developing an Intranet towards knowledge-sharing: a South African perspective

Chien Chia wei
Chiu Kuang Hui

The Influence of Virtual Direct Experience (VDE), AD message appeals, and virtual experiential products on on-line AD message effectiveness

Sultan A Almasoud

Electronic signature from Islamic prospective

S. C. Hu
Y. H. Cheng
K. H. Chiu

The Key Factors Enterprise Choice Transfer Pricing Method World Wide Transfer Pricing Check

Yet Mee Lim
Ching Seng Yap
Luen Peng Tan

Liking, Recall, and Click: Measures of Online Advertising Effectiveness in Relation to Online Purchase Decision


Jafar Mahmudi
Soroosh Nalchigar
Seyed Babak Ebrahimi

Selecting the Most Efficient Information System project Using Data Envelopment Analysis: Case Study of Iran Ministry of Commerce

Eunice, Hsiao-Hui Wang
Yi-Mei Syu

Co-creation Is the Value? Co-creation Business Model Study on Wiki Websites

Tain-Fang Wu
Wei-Sung Yen
Juei-Fen Liu
An-Shin Shia
Gwang-Han Chang

An Analysis of the Co-opetition Strategies of Taiwanese Rural Wineries during the E-Commerce Era

Shabeer Eklim
Md Mahbubur Rahim

An Instrument to Measure Organisational Motivations for Inter-Organisational Systems Adoption: A Qualitative Evaluation

Chao-Hui Lee
Chien-Kuo Li

Bankruptcy Prediction Model Based on Decision Tree

Y. H. Cheng
S.C. Hu
Kuang-Hui Chiu

A Study of Crew Resource Management: Key Factors of Aeronautical Decision Making


Syed Shah Alam
Roselee Shah Shaharudin
Ismail Ahmad
Nilufar Ahsan

Internet Banking Adoption: Non Internet Banking Users Perspective

Eunice, Hsiao-Hui, Wang
Po-Hsueh, Wu

A study on vlog websites' Business Model from the Experiential Marketing Viewpoint

Chien Yu Fen
Lee Chia Ling

Building Customer-based Online Brand Equity

Ta-Hsiang Hung
Yung-Ching Ho
Long-Chuan Lu

Preliminary Research Model of Market-Driven Product Strategy for Taiwan Top Global Brands

Pimmanee Rattanawicha
Chatpong Tangmanee
Eralp Gullep

User Expectation and Satisfaction on Information Quality of Websites in Different Domains


Yoones Asgharzadeh Sekhavat
Mohammad fathian

A New Multi-Party Contract Signing Protocol (MPCS)

Hsin-Mei Lin
Chun-Ming Tesng
Chen-Wei Chang
Steven Lin
Chih-Pin Lin

The Knowledge Sharing and MNE's Intranet: From The Perspective of Subsidiary

Aye Aye Khin
Eddie Chiew Fook Chong
Mad Nasir Shamsudin
Zainal Abidin Mohamed

Price Forecasting Of Natural Rubber In The World Market

Hsin-Yu Shih

Diffusion of Electronic Commerce Adoption: The Effects of Contagion and Autocorrelation

Musfiq Mannan Choudhury
Christos Dimitris Tsinopoulos
Abdul Mannan Choudhury

A Theoretical Evaluation of the Factors affecting Trust in E-Commerce


Syed Shah Alam
Siew Shir Way
Mst. Nilufar Ahsan
Zaini Abdullah
Ismail Ahmad

Assessing the Determinants of Online Brand trust: An Empirical Study

Li-Ren Yang
Jieh-Haur Chen

Information Systems Utilization and Distribution Centers Performance

Yegmin Chang
Yih-Yuh Lee

An Empirical Examination of Intermediating Change and Intermediation-Disintermediation-Reintermediation Change Models: The Case of a Travel Service Industry

Lin Ming Chun 
Chen Ching Hao
Chi Tsung Li

The effect of Personality, Lifestyles, Populations and Travel Risk Perception

Chin-Shan Hsieh
Jian-Hsin Chou

Forecasting Value at Risk (VAR) in the Shanghai Stock Market Using the Hybrid Method

Abbas Asosheh
Nima Yahyapour

An extended TAM for "Banking Recommender System" adoption, Case of application in Iran


Han-yuh Liu
Chia-hui Chen

A Study on Behavioral Intention of Implementing Customer Relationship Management for Taiwan's e-Government

Chingchai Kanngananvigit
Wachara Chantatub
A Comparison and Suggested Features of CASE Tools for Object Oriented Software Development

Li Chia Chen
Anne Wan-Ling Hu

Research on the Relationship between Psychological Contract and Organizational Commitment among Movie Theater Contingent Workers in the Digital Age

Jitraporn Boonkitticharoen

The Impact of Business-IT Alignment on the Relationship between IT Spending and Business Performance

Mehdi Asgarkhani

Public Sector Reform through E-Administration: An Overview

Chia-yen Wu
Shan-yan Huang
Han-yuh Liu

Exploring knowledge Management Systems Success on Business Concerns


Suwarin Pattamavorakun
Wuttipol Wannarsup

Braille's Assistant Machine for Thai Consonant Learning

Chih-Heng Tseng

The Relationship Between Internet Usage and Foreign Students' Cross-Cultural Acclimation

Monik Castillo Moya
Jurise Athena P. Oliveros
Louie Diane V. Rentutar
Marianne G. S. Reyes
Maria Angelica C. Sison

Up Close and Hyper-Personal: The Formation of Hyper-personal Relationships in Online Support Groups

Halil Ibrahim Gurcan

E-village: Digital community from local to global; a case study on the web sites of Turkish villages

Bernd Wegner

Access to electronic publications in mathematics through EMIS


Wuttipol Wannarsup
Suwarin Pattamavorakun

Intelligent Electronic Shoes for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Karan Lahiri
Sindhu Sivakumar

Antitrust and the Online Music Market: Checking Digital Rights Management in its Anti-competitive Avatar

Tanveer Ahmed
Haralambos Mouratidis
David Preston

Applying Cultural Dimensions to Website Design: Guidelines for High Power Distance and High Context Culture

Chih-Chien Wang
Shu-Chen Chang

Online Chat Behavior: The Influence Of Social Anxiety And Loneliness

Yao-chung Chang

An Introduction of Cybercrime problems across the Taiwan Strait

Cathy Tzu-Hsing Chen
Kai-Yuan Cheng
Sih-Yan Lin 

The Exploration of the Judge’s Evaluation of Evidence through Inner Conviction on Whether Internet Messages Can be Evidence for Adultery in the Criminal Law


Somchai Chatvichienchai

Towards an XML-Based Syllabus Repository System for Inter-university Credit Exchange Systems

Chiou-Yueh Gun
Shu-Han Liao
H.F. Lin
C.Y. Chen

A Novel Conference Key Generation Scheme Based on Group-Oriented Decryption

Hau-Dong Tsui
Tsang-Yean Lee

E- Government and information organization Reform

Edwin J. Portugal

Campus Internationalization: Case Study of an American Liberal Arts College Campus Survey and a U.S. Survey

Gerda Mihhailova

Management Challenges Due to Using Virtual Work in Multi-Cultural Organization

Shou Yao Huang

A Study of the Inferences of E-Organizations on Organizational Learning


Zurina Saaya
Norhafeizah Hassan

Using Web-based Support Tool for Laboratory Management in Academic Institution

Hau-Dong Tsui
Tsang-Yean Lee

Information Security of Transaction Process Based on Grid Environment

Janjao Mongkolnavin
Sunti Tirapat

Mark the Close Analysis in Thai Bond Market Surveillance Using Association Rules

Kuo-Chih Cheng
Mei-Ling Yang
Chin-Chun Su
Feng-Yu Ni

The impact of myopic loss aversion on continuing a troubled R&D project

Shih-Hsien Chang

E-Administration for E- Forum of Taipei Citizens: Civil Society Perspective


Decha Dechawatanapaisal

Journey to e-Knowledge Society: A Case Study from Thai Petroleum Company

Kwok-Keung Ngii
Kai-Pong Ng
Han-Liang Lin

An interface for public policy- making in urban design- Case study on Taiwan

Shih-Ting Hsiao

A Way of Emotional Expression in Internet Communications: Combining the Instant Messaging with Interactive Device

Mei-Hsin Wang

Issues on Intellectual Property for Taiwan Internet Pirating

Zuriani Ahmad Zukarnain
Zulkhairi Mohd Dahalin
Huda Ibrahim

Research in Progress: Computer Ethics: A Framework For Cyber Cafe

Anne Wan-Ling Hu

Mobile Digital Television in Taiwan: A Preliminary Review of Ratings and User Response


Jian Hsin Chou
Chien Yun Chang

A Generalized Callable Bond Pricing Model

Chu-Hsiung Lin
Tzu-Chuan Kao
Richard L. Wang

Forecasting Downside Risk for Emerging Asian Stock Markets

Yenming J Chen
Wen-Liang Wang

Orders Dispatching for a Multi-Facility Manufacturing System in Stochastic Nonautonomous Lotka-Volterra Difference Game

Wei-Ming Wu

An Approach on Evaluating the Cost Efficiency under Operating a Containership Fleet

Kuo-Kuang Chu
Chi-Hua Li

The Effects of Risk Reduction Strategies of Online Shopping on Consumer's Purchase Intentions

Wen-Jin Hwang
Meng-Hsiang Hsu

Toward an Integrative Model of SCM Performance: Supply Chain Strategy and Environmental Uncertainty


PO stands for poster session (Papers will be included in conference proceedings only, no oral presentation.)



Paper Title


Khumphicha Tantisantisom

Further Step of Intelligent Decision Support Systems for Customer Relationship Management


Jenkins CHEN
Ya Ling Tsai

The impact of supply chain alliance on customer satisfaction


Sinee Sankrusme

A Study of the Beer Market Leader, Challenger and Niche Strategies


Phil Yihsing Yang
Shu-Hsien Chen
Yi Chang Yang

The Integration of the Value Chain Stages: The Cases of Acer and TSMC


Shou Yao Huang

A Study of the Inferences of E-Organizations on Organizational Learning


Shing-Han Li
Chaing Wang

The Detection of Dummy Bank Accounts in Frauds - A Data Mining Approach


Nan Chuan Chen
Sam Houng
Shih Jung Chen

Aromatherapy technology application-implementing knowledge management system in resort service industry

PO Eldon Y. Li
Paul T.Y. Tseng
N.H. Chiu

An Exploratory Research on the issues of Partner Relationship Management System development and implementation


Shun-Liang Hsu
Chi-Fong Feng



Yu-Xin Lai
Pei-Chen Sun

An Exploratory Study of Wireless Communication in Medical Applications and Home Tele-Care


Pi-Chi Chen
Wang-Yee Sheng

Gender Difference and the Digital Divide among Junior High School Students in Kaohsoiung, Taiwan


Chen Yu Fen
Cheng Kai Wen

The Comparative Effect on Business Creativity - when Web based Collaborative Learning V.S Traditional Lecturing Instruction


Timothy Rodgers

Student Engagement In The E-Learning Process And The Impact On Their Grades


Shin-Yi Lin
Shueh-Fen Chen
Chieh-Peng Lin
Chou-Kang Chiu
Wen-Kung Lin

Exploring Community Learning Behavior in a Cyber World


Shiow Luan Wang
Melody Wu
Ying-ya Yvonne Wen

Enhancing Organizational Learning for Project Success: a Knowledge Management Perspective


Shin-Yi Lin
Chou-Kang Chiu

Instructional Customization of Asynchronous vs. Synchronous Discussion Forum: Application in Teacher Education


Jyh Perng Fang
Yang-Lang Chang
Wen-Yew Liang

An 802.15.4-based In-class Response System


Chi-win Fun

A study of principal's transformational leadership and school organizational performance in elementary school


Yang-Sae Moon
Hun-Young Choi
Jinho Kim

Cluster- and Outlier-based Student Relationship Analysis Using Communication History Records


Yi-Han Mao
Pi-Chi Chen
Pei-Chen Sun

The Preliminary Study of Web-based Community for Teacher's Professional Growth


Su Li Chuan
Chang Raie Kuan

On the Simulation Games in teaching of Commercial course


Shin-Feng Chen
Min-Ning Yu

A Survey Study on the Six Graders' Computer Games Addiction and the Interpersonal Relationship-take TAIWAN for example


Ming-Chou Liu
Ying-Ching Chu
Xin-Seng Chang

Developing a Template-Based Design System for Teaching Problem-Solving


Chih-Cheng Kao
Chin-Wen Chuang
Wei-Wen Deng
Shen-Li Fu
Chieh-Hsin Chou

Apply Virtual Reality to the Experimental Education of the Vision Guided Mobile Robotics


Hsien-Kuei Chiu

Exploring the Factors Influencing College Student Project Effectiveness: From the Perspective of Team Learning


Mei-Chi Chen
Wen-Ching Lee
Li-Chen Chen
Yi-Ting Huang

A Study on the Learning Difficulties of Integrating Information Technology into Project-Based Learning Instruction


Shaw-yoon Yao
Yu-Fen Chen

An Empirical Study on the Renaming Departments for Higher Technological and Vocational Education in Taiwan