e-Commerce Program
2010/1/26 8:40-10:00 Room1
Exploration of e-Marketing Strategies for Cosmetic Products Based on Word-of-Mouth Information
  Ushio  Sumita University of Tsukuba
  Ahyoung  Kim University of Tsukuba
Tourism Marketing Effects of Blog Articles with Product Placement
  Yu-Shan  Lin National Taitung University
  Huei-Wun  Huang National Taitung University
Spreading the e-Word: Investigating Antecedents of Consumers' Electronic Word-of-Mouth Intentions
  Christy M.K.  Cheung Hong Kong Baptist University
  Ying Ying  Ng Hong Kong Baptist University
  Matthew K.O.  Lee City University of Hong Kong
A Study on the Electronization of Physical Stores and Consumers' Purchase Behavior
  Tain-Fung  Wu Asia University
  Mei-Hsiang  Yang Asia University
  Wei-Sung  Yen Dalin Elementary School.
  An-Shin  Shia Feng Chia University
The Case Study on the Market Segmentation of Health Caring Product Company in Taiwan
  Wan-Tran  Huang Chung Chou Institute of Technology
  Tain-Fung  Wu Asia University
  Chun-Yu  Chien Asia University
2010/1/26 10:20-11:40 Room1
The Study of Ontology Matching Performance for Mobile Message Recommendation
  Li-Hua  Li Chaoyang University of Technology
  Fu-Ming  Lee Chaoyang University of Technology
  Yu-Chien  Chou Chaoyang University of Technology
  Tsung-Jen  Pu Chaoyang University of Technology
Impact of Default Contagion on Pricing Collateralized Debt Obligations
  Hideyuki  Takada Mizuho-DL Financial Technology Co.
  Ushio  Sumita University of Tsukuba
Information Potential of Valuation Bases for Owners and Corporate Management
  Jiri  Strouhal University of Economics Prague
  Dana  Dvorakova University of Economics Prague
  Bohuslava  Knapova University of Economics Prague
Personalization and Thai Consumers' Acceptance of Mobile Advertising
  Pimmanee  Rattanawicha Chulalongkorn University
Are Marketing Strategies the Royal Road to Survive for Sunhow Company in Taiwan?
  An-Shin  Shia Feng Chia University
  Jason C.  Hung Overseas Chinese University
2010/1/26 13:40-15:00 Room1
Peer-to-peer networks and complementary goods: The impact of openness and innovation on profitable piracy
  Thomas  Le Texier GREDEG - CNRS, University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis
  Maher  Gordah GREDEG - CNRS, University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis
Assessing how affect and cognition influence Internet-based search efficiency
  Hung-Pin  Shih Hsuan Chuang University
Measuring Internet Consumers' Decision-Making Styles in E-Commerce
  Kin Meng  Sam University of Macau
  Chris  Chatwin  
A Study on the Effects of Internet Browsing Behavior with Different Context of Peripheral Cues around Web Pages
  I Chang  Tsai National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
  Han-Sheng  Lei National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
Online banking security
  Elmuez  shayeb university of East london
A Study on Some Concrete Proposals to Raise the Ratio of Korea's SMEs Participation in the Foreign Trade Exhibition.
  Ki-Kwan Yoon Chungnam National University
  Mi-Na Park Chungnam National University
2010/1/26 15:10-16:30 Room1
The Relationship among e-service Quality, Relationship Quality and Repurchase Intention
  Yan Qing  Zhang Gyeongsang National University
  Ki Han  Chung  
  Min Yeong  Park  
The Effect of Customer Review on Purchase Intention in Open Market
  Ji Hee  Jung Gyeongsang National University
  Jae Ik Shin Gyeongsang National University
  Eun Ok  Park Gyeongsang National University
Online purchase intention: from a transaction cost, quality and customer perceived value perspective
  Chih-Chin  Yang Kainan University
  Ming Fang  Lin Kainan University
Scripting a Successful E-Insurance Story
  Kiran G N  
  Nazia  Sharieff  
  Anita  Rawtani  
Understanding buyers' motives for using B2B electronic marketplaces: using transaction cost and organizational information processing theory
  Shih-Wei  Chou National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technolog
  I-Hua  Hung National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technolog
Electronic word-of-mouth to establish the effect of evaluation indicators
  Chia Hsin Hsu National Chiao Tung University
2010/1/27 8:40-10:00 Room2
HOTELS.COM Case Study for E-commerce Trademark Litigation
  Mei-Hsin  Wang National Yunlin University of Science & Technology
  Fu-Tsung  Wang Southern Taiwan University
Entropy-based VIKOR as an assistant for WiMAX license authorization
  Tsung Han Chang Kao-Yuan University
  Chun Lin Ho Kao-Yuan University
Factors Affecting the Likelihood of the Adoption of Innovative Marketing of Entrepreneurs in Tourism and Service Industry
  KAEDSIRI - JAROENWISAN Faculty of Management Science, Prince of Songkla University
The Rise of Immersive Commerce: “CityOne”, a Paradigm Shift in Online Commercial Engagement
  Philip  McClenaghan University of Teesside
  Brian  Wilson University of Teesside
Interpersonal Recommendation on Virtual Community: the Characteristics, Category and Factors
  Hsin-Mei  Lin National Chi Nan University
  Peng-Jung  Lin National Chi Nan University
  Joseph L.Y. Che National Chi Nan University
2010/1/27 13:40-15:00 Room2
Modelling critical success factors and their effect on Performance: A case of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system
  Jiwat  Ram University of South Australia
  Malcolm  Pattinson University of South Australia
  raju raja sekaran PSG College of Arts and Science
  Jayanthi  Rajasekaran Goverment of India
A new approach to the evaluation of personalized product recommendation using evolution strategies
  Hyung Jun  Ahn Hongik University
The Rough Set Based Approach to Reverse Logistic Routing Problems
  Chun-Che  Huang National Chi Nan University
  Wen-Yau  Liang National Changhua University of Education
  Horng-Fu  Chuang Da-Yeh University
  Ping-Houa  Chen National Chi Nan University
  Shan-Yuan  Chen National Chi Nan University
Click-and-mortar behavior processes: a conceptual model of cyber-enhanced bookstore
  Chien-Wen  Chen Feng Chia University, Taiwan
  Chiang-Yu  Cheng National Central University, Taiwan
  Yu-Te  Li National Central University, Taiwan
2010/1/27 16:40-18:00 Room1
The innovation attributes of mobile reading and the consumer's continuance intention
  BO-Han  Yang Yuan Ze University
  Eunice Hsiao-Hui Wang Yuan Ze University
Viral Marketing in Competitive and Dynamic Social Networks
  Wan-Shiou  Yang National Changhua University of Education
  He-Ming  Chu National Changhua University of Education
Exploring the Future Devolvement From the Mobile Advertising servise platform to Taiwan's Mobile Advertising
  Pei Wen Kao Yuan Ze University
  Eunice  Wang Yuan Ze University
A Case Study of Applying Kano's Model and ANOVA Technique in Market Segmentation
  Hsin-Hung  Wu National Changhua University of Education
  Jyh-Wei  Shyu  
Temperament and Character of Online Gamers
  Ching-I  Teng Chang Gung University
  Huai-Lei  Tseng Chang Gung University
2010/1/27 16:40-18:00 Room2
On China's Alibaba's Development
  Xiaomei  Qi Hainan University
  Guo-An  Wang Zhejiang Gongshang University
Internet-using Behaviors Analysis of Unmarried Office Lady during Off-hour
  Ming Chun  Lai WuFeng Institute of Technology
  Ting-Yuan  Chang Taiwan Institute of Economic Research
  Hsiang-Yung  Feng National Pingtung Institute of Commerce
Examination of Bidder's Loyalty Intention in Online Auction: Using the Structure-conduct-outcome Framework
  Chiahui  Yen Ming Chuan University
  Chih-Chin  Yang Kainan University
  Li-Sheng  Lin Kainan University
An Semantic Architecture for Consumer Support Systems
  Jyhjong  Lin Ming Chuan University
  Tsairyuan  Chang Ming Chuan University
  Jenperng  Yu Ming Chuan University
  Changling  Hsu Ming Chuan University
Comparing The Efficiency of Advertisement Link Allocation Among Different Yahoo Keyword Auctions
  Jia  Yuan University of Macau